When You Shoot More, U Gained Experience. When U’re Experienced, You Shoot Less??

Recently i’ve been asked by a friend of mine. Mu’im how to take picture as good as yours eh?

Seriously, I don’t consider myself as good. Not too confident and good enough to hand my pics over to a contest or to be called as “good” compared to some of my friends.

Most of the time i learn photography by myself by reading magazines or browsing through the net for pictures and techniques. Well I bought my first camera a bit late, after i graduated from my University. Most of the influence I got to took up photography are from my university friends. They own a DSLR, with lots of lenses. And here I am, learning and went out for photo hunting all by myself😀

Put all that aside..Keep the story for other time..

Back to the topic, so I just simply answered my friend. “Shoot more, experiment with your camera. Keep shooting and it’s not hurt to keep pressing the shutter”. Remember, it’s not all 100 pictures that we took, all 100 will be good. Maybe 3-4 or maybe less and even ZERO!

Then, my friend asked me again. “But from what i know, it’s better to take 1 good picture than to take lots lots of picture but turns out most of it not good?”

Uhuk…tersedak kejap.. The question keeps pondering me……………

Well. It’s like this:

1. When you shoot something that is still, and you have time to stop a while and think, recompose and finally shoot. It’s good to exercise thinking over shooting.
For example architecture, still object like ball, tree etc, scenery and much more.

Compose through your eyes 1st before you compose in viewfinder..

But do take into consideration of the sun light if you’re shooting outside in the day light. Want to catch the Golden Hour or sunset or sun rise? Well that is different story😀

The point is if you want to achieve something, keep shooting and experimenting if you still don’t get the result you wanted. That’s the learning process. Or ask mr Google or your friend who knows how to get it. Asking an experienced photographer is a good way to learn, reading books or magazines will broaden your knowledge🙂


2. Take lots lots lots of picture if you want to capture the moment. This is crucial😉

Moment? what moment? Like people expression, accident, something that happens in a flash, animals, events, time constraint, what else??  kids..

consider this sequence of picture :

Notice that the girl on the left is not looking to the camera while the other two is ready. Also there's some distracting figure at the back

Then all three children are ready but there's still some distraction at the back. (well i can just crop) but the child expression seems like not enough

After for a while then "BAM!" the right moment comes. No distraction at the back. All 3 lovely children looking at me and smiling. I can consider this pic as good moment to capture

Not long after that the boy in the middle started to get distracted. He start to look down a bit

This time is more obvious. The boy in the middle tilt his head to his left. Maybe he saw some toys or moving candy😀

oh..By the way, all these 3 child is my niece and nephew. Hehe..thank you for being my model.

As we can see in this 5 pictures. The right moment can only come once. And if we wait maybe we missed it or the moment will never comes again.

Animals are unpredictable, peoples behaviors and expressions changes all the time, time is ticking, you have less time to decide. Event only happen once, kids gets bored easily. So be generous with your shutter, I believe you will be satisfied with the results (but make sure u have a correct settings with your camera first)😉

3. Shoot and keep shooting to get the result you wanted

I think i covered this part previously but to really emphasize it. For me, i keep shooting and changing the setting to get different result and sometimes unique pictures.

Mostly when i play with light, shutter speed, aperture, white balance. It’s fun when same picture gives different vibes.

Look at these bitter gourd pics :

Bitter Gourd 1 (arif's fav) but not enough lighting

Bitter Gourd 2 : The one without any shadow but with distracting background

Bitter gourd 3 : My fav..why? don't know hahaha

Just sharing what i know and what i feel. For me, i love to be generous with my camera’s shutter. If i’m wrong fell free to write comments and do advice me.

How about you? How do treat your camera’s shutter?

-Mu’im Aziddin-

Melangkaui 1 Tahun

Dalam x sedar dah lebih 1 tahun aku ditemani oleh D90 kamera kesayangan aku.

18 Febuari 2010 – 27 April 2011.

So…..apa yang aku dah belajar?

Mari kita compare 1st pic yg aku ambil n last pic dengan kamera aku :

1st Pic selepas membeli D90:

n my last pic:

Taken at Sungai Gabai 23 April 2011

so..ape perbezaannya? Sebenarnye x de point pun letak gambar camni hehe.

Tapi sepanjang menggunaka kamera ni, mostly aku blaja sendiri nk wat mcm2.

  • Landscape,
  • Animal,
  • Panning,
  • Night shot,
  • Still shot,
  • Bulb,
  • Composition,
  • Sunset,
  • Candid
  • Event,
  • Street Photography,
  • Lighting,
  • ISO, aperture, shutter speed, manual,
  • Flora & etc etc..

"The Princess of Greece" ISO100, f/8, 1/400sec

n masih lagi belajar sampai sekarang🙂

Tapi skarang my cam cam ada prob sket isk2.. AF illuminator assist dah macam rosak. X menyala. Dgn beep sound 1 pakej rosak. Itu je. tapi mcm dah defect, so agak sedey la.

lokasi kejadian dimana ia rosak😦

nasib baik itu je yg masalah..Nanti nk hantar Nikon Service Centre betulkan balik.

Btw, ni sikit2 hasil keja aku selama ni:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(kebanyakkan gmbr yg ada dlm ni, ada jugak dalam album aku kat FB “D90 & I” so..aku malas nak menambah lagi pic baru hehe..Nanti2 la ye)

As I Grew Up, I Met People.. As I Met People, I Grow Up

My last post was 1 year ago!!! (April 3rd). Wow didn’t know that time flies too fast and I didn’t realize that i left this blog too long. :p

I realize that after a long hiatus, there’s still some visitors by each day. And there’s still some friend that wish me to continue writing this blog. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and wish me to continue it even though some of my posts just full of  my mindless thoughts.

I am now working in KL, Damansara Heights. Go fourth and back everyday to my home in Subang. I realize something’s missing in myself since my final year of my bachelor. I’m not like my usual self as before. I lost my confidence, my will to learn, my passion through work, my communication skills. Such change really worries me..

That’s not anyone’s fault, it’s myself who’s lacking😀 (admit it OK!) But along my journey there, i met lots of wonderful person that helps me regain myself back.

I’ve met someone who’s always willing to help me,
Always saying “Its ok”.
And sometimes he ask me not to care about his help,
Not stingy, never ask for return,
Even i’m far away, he’s still willing to help.
But 1 day, i’m unable to help him,
when he need’s mine.
I felt so guilty, keep thinking of it.
I’m sorry friend.
Still I’m sorry until now.

I also met someone who’s a complete stranger in this country.
Don’t know a lot of things in his new surroundings.
But he’s the one i can listen to,
His advice,
About life..about work,
His amazing story of his encounter with his wife,
And always keeps telling me not to worry,
I need to believe in myself,
God will surely helps you.
I will remember your advice,
It helps me a lot..
Thanks for being there when my mind is in trouble..

Not to forget this someone that i met,
Who’s really loud..😀
But a really honest person.
Didn’t hide her feelings,
And a very confident person.
We have a lot in common
I enjoyed in your presence
Lot’s of lot’s of plan, and dream,
I’m sure you will achieve it.
Thanks for always laughing at my silly jokes.
As i am always happy to cheer up your day.

There’s a lot more amazing people that i met in my life, yet to describe. (lazy as usual)😀 haha

I also have some dreams to achieve. Being called a multi-talented person is nothing for me. Without doing anything, i am still nowhere
I can sing, draw, cook, play sports..etc etc well
but It just stops there if i didn’t get serious into it. :p

I think this is the time for me to pursue it. I will start to think of myself, regain what I’ve lost. Realizing it might take some time, wish i will not falter in them middle of it. As i believe i have a lot of amazing people around me. Like one of my friend say, you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.  So let’s just go for it and see what’s going to happen in the future.

bila turun kl tapi tak dapat ape2 haha…


, , , , , ,

hari selasa lepas aku turun kl dengan harapan nk shoot beberapa kawasan yang aku target canteek punya..tapi..

beberapa jam sebelum tu..


aku kua la..tunggu bas komuter rapid punya lambat ada +40 minit..naik komuter…punya slow..cam ade tak kene je..

1st tempat aku turun ialah KL Central..hmm nk tengok kot2 ada bende menarik sblm aku gi tempat lain..alih2…

HUJAN!!!! haha…dengan lebatnye. Tak dapat nak gi outdoor… huaaa😦

(ehem..hujan tu rahmat).

so aku tangkap je la mana2 aku sempat kat KL Central dulu..

no comment hehe.. act. "no caption"

saja nak main colour gila2 sket :p

tangga pun nak letak?



sharing is caring😉

oh no! banyak gle noise…bzzzt

duta pepsi



oit..takde keje ke! :p hehe

toys n chocolates?

xde motif haha

ni semua gambar aku amik area KL Central je…sebab da takde mood nak gi tmpat lain tgh hujan..hehe

hai..sy tak bsalah..tompang lalu

putra lrt rail

mak aih..gile dahsyat kaler aku ubah contrast hue

buzy day

itulah dia…ada lagi gambar…aku dah maleh nak upload..haha ni je cukup la kot..ada lagi gambar aku gi klcc tapi cam takbest je…dah la wat blog syok sendiri hahaha..

okes..tutup kes

  1. Alor Setar Outing [20 Febuari 2010] – 1st timer
  2. Around da house
  3. Gi UPM
  4. Night Shot
  5. Evening in Kuala Kedah
  6. What’s up at Taman Tasik Darul Aman?
  7. Hey, i’m in Putrajaya! (Mat jakun di Putrajaya)
  8. Tobeng & Balqis weding
  9. Smile you’re on candid camera!
  10. Flowers..
  11. Malaysian Kedah CubPrix
  12. Dinner Kolej Kelima – Tragedi moto pancit tapi tetap maintain!! haha
  13. bila turun kl tapi tak dapat ape2 haha…

dah ade banyak ni aku tak tau nak letak ke tak…hantam je la labu…aku rajin.aku letak..ok bye!😉

Dinner Kolej Kelima – Tragedi moto pancit tapi tetap maintain!! haha.. pe punya tajuk


, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

27hb Mac lepas berlansung la dinner kat kolej aku kat upm.. 5th college!

hehe yeaa itu la nama yang aku bawak 3 tahun kat kolej ni..pegi competition, pegi sokong, event.. kolej lima, kolej lima yang slalu jadik perhatian, jadi cemburuan budak2 kolej lain haha jgn mara..

Tema dinner kali ni ialah smart casual. macam biasa aku nak gi cari jaket last-last minit tuk nak pakai malam tu, baju n seluar guna yang lama dah pukul 6 petang baru kuar tergedik2 nak gi cari. Sebabnye petang sebelum tu da puas tido hehe..

so..kua kul 6.15 camtu, nak bkumpul kul 7.45, pe lagi gelabah la haha. kua sana sini cari dengan che’gu aka bob aka eiji han dengan tangki masuk Reject Shop, FOS, Ready 2 Suit, last2 gi kedai SmartMaster.

Kdai Smart Master ni memang antara kedai yang aku suka sebab jacket2 dia memang gile2 gempak la. Ala2 coat tapi casual. da lama aku dendam nak beli jacket atau coat kat situ. Last2 tengok punya tengok tak jadi beli haha..chegu je yang beli. Ada satu coat putih tu tak jadi beli.

Masetu dah 7.30 pe lagi kilam kelibut la balik haha. Naik moto dgn tanki, pecut punya pecut….

toleh belakang, mana cekgu?

…….ntah le, ada kot kat belakang……

sampai2 je kolej sess cakap, “wei moto cekgu pancit tengah jalan kat serdang lama”

alamak..seb baik cekgu kata ada kedai moto dekat

aku tunggu cekgu balik, sambil tu leh aku siap2 gosok baju, mandi, solat. aku pakai je jacket yang aku bawak dari rumah, dah lama beli.. semua baju yang lama je hehe…cekgu sampai je dalam 8.20 kitaorang gerak ke dewan..

ni antara gambar yang ada sepanjang dinner..

antara makanan yang dihidangkan malam tu

Makan nasik beriyani, lauk ayam, daging, gado-gado, papedom, dalca, air mata kucing, air panas, fruit cocktail dengan sagu. Emm itu je kot…ada lagi ke?

persembahan pembukaan..ehem2 hehe

dan beberapa gambar sepanjang dinner yang riuh rendah haha

dewan kolej aku terkenal dengan lampu disconya

ni antara shot yang aku suka sebab cool warna dia haha..

dan tak dilupakan ada 2 orang artis undangan pada malam tu dari AF.

sahri AF1 (kot?)

ni aku snap dari tempat duduk je sebab tgh makan malas nak bangun..2 lagu dia nyanyi, satu lagu dia x ingat pe tajuk dgn satu lagi lagu sway.

rinie AF brape tah aku tak knal sgt :p

adoi tah brape gambar yang aku larat nak upload memandangkan internet kat sini yang slow..

ade la beberapa anugerah yang diberi malam tu, tahniah pada semua member2 aku yang dapat..

weh..bob cek gu pun dapat

cekgu dgn setia harmoninya

nazi dengan anugerah tinta harmoni

mat john dengan anugerah budayawan

dan member-member lain yang dapat malam tu (xde gambar)

W.C. – Anugerah Budi Harmoni

Mira – Budayawanis

Mizi – Olahragawan

Fia – Olehragawati

Dan anugerah yang paling tinggi Anugerah Harmoni Emas

gambar pinjam..Mohd Khairul Firdaus.. Baik jen!

terharu aku tgk kawan aku naik sorang2 amik anugerah..rorang semua memang the best..

n beberapa lagi gambar sekitar majlis tersebut..

carit, lado, n piko

dila, sara n lily

kaki-kaki buat kecoh itu malam

mr indra yang fuh! segak bergaya

aku ske gambar ni

budak2 bsd pendidikan

da mister sinister darknes aka 'anje' haha.. "who care?!"

huh meriah..

tengah-tengah dah habis event, semua vvip dah balik kemudian semua orang mula la bergambar. Time tu tiba-tiba nama aku dipanggil..jeng jeng jeng…alamak!



dapat la pulok king of the night? kekeke.. rase cam pakai biase2 je malam tu..

suliana pulak dapat queen of the night.. tahniah le..😉

pastu sesi bergambar la sampai abes..

tak larat nk ltak gambar lagi, aku ltah la shot yang aku suka malamtu

sweet couple ecah-kupan. Dah macam artis red carpet aku tengok😉

kirenye malamtu aku leh kata ok la dengan suasana yang meriah, n semua orang enjoy..ye la masing2 da final year bila lagi nak jumpa lpas ni kan..

5th terbaik!

setakat ni je la post aku kali ni.. ok bye!

sayang kene return balik bende ni pas event hehe

  1. Alor Setar Outing [20 Febuari 2010] – 1st timer
  2. Around da house
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  6. What’s up at Taman Tasik Darul Aman?
  7. Hey, i’m in Putrajaya! (Mat jakun di Putrajaya)
  8. Tobeng & Balqis weding
  9. Smile you’re on candid camera!
  10. Flowers..
  11. Malaysian Kedah CubPrix
  12. Dinner Kolej Kelima – Tragedi moto pancit tapi tetap maintain!! haha

Movie Baru


, , , , , , ,

Memperkenalkan movie baru di pawagam berdekatan anda!!!

"one day i've dreamt of swimming in an aquarium" - Tanki

Mengisahkan seorang lelaki biasa yang mempunyai impian meghasilkan akuarium terbesar di rumahnya untuk dia berenang di dalamnya. Cerita bergenre aksi romantik ini membawa penonton bersama-sama menghayati kesedihan dan kepayahan yang dialami oleh watak utama yang bernama tanki.

Walaupun seringkali beliau dimarahi, diejek dan diperlekehkan, ketabahan beliau tak pernah luntur malah melakukan suatu kejutan yang menggemparkan bukan hanya satu kampungnya. Malah satu dunia merasai kejutan tersebut.

Apakah kejutan yang dibawakan oleh beliau? Jangan lupa untuk menonton filem yang menarik ini, terdapat di pawagam yang berdekatan dengan tempat anda.

Jangan Ketinggalan!!!

hehe…jangan marah ye tank.. aku bosan sebab nk wat post yang kne ltak gambar banyak lambat sangat sebab internet kat sini (UPM) agak slow..

gambar ni pun aku buat atas ilham yang aku dapat pagi tadi bila tgh sms dgn sess haha….tank, skali lagi ampun

Owh..aku skarag ada kat kl sbb nk attend dinner kolej :p dah banyak kali aku gi kl dalam masa terdekat ni.. Letih la, agaknya ni kali terakhir kot..(mungkin) :p

Lens oh lens..

Semalam aku gi kedai tempat aku beli cam..tanye pasal lens, remote trigger, speedlite..




..k la boss, saje je tanya. Nak survey-survey dulu nanti dah ada duit boleh la beli

ikutkan semua mau dekat-dekat lima ribu.. :p

antara lens yang aku tengok2 :

  • 50mm
  • 70-300mm
  • macro lens
  • wide lens
  • speedlite
  • remote shutter..

budget tengok semua macam nak beli je haha..nak beli lens pun kne tengok jugak apa scenario yang aku suka shoot. Aku suka detail pada satu-satu benda slalu cuba nak shoot macro dengan kitlens aku..

cubaan tangkap macro tapi takde la sedetail mane ;p

tapi pe2 pun kene la berpuas hati dgn lens yang aku ada sekarang sebab bukan singgit dua nak beli macro lens :p lagipun aku prefer kalau dapatkan zoom lens dulu..


aah so many things to buy…

1st kumpul duit dulu. n maybe aku grab 50mm dulu😉

bunga tak tau nama apa...saja nak letak

Around da house (Post Malas..)

Ni post malas aku saje nak ltak..

Pikir-balik perlu ke aku wat post ni..

emm lantak le hehe..

Pas kua alor setar of cos subjek aku seterusnya berkisar sekitar rumah aku..

Nak test-test lagi camera al-maklum la gatai tangan nak pegang je bende alah tu..

Pokok Pisang

no comment..just pokok pisang hiasan yang tumbuh tinggi tepi rumah

bunga aloevera

aku ske gambar ni, blank space yang ada menimbulkan objek bunga aloevera ni.🙂

just a random shot

pengepit baju je..

my cat


(nampak sangat malas nk tulis)


berlatarbelakangkan rumah..kinda like this shot.

balak? kayu bakau je ;p

aku kutip kayu ni kat tapak pembinaan dgn tujuan nak wat hiasan kat laman rumah..susun sini dulu

jenn, the 'garang' ones

tak garang pun cuma garang pantang tengok kucing lain..haha

sunrise depan rumah

ni ambil kat depan rumah masa matahari baru nak naik dan suasana masetu buatkan matahari jelas kelihatan..

yey habis sudah post aku yang malas ni….


  1. Alor Setar Outing [20 Febuari 2010] – 1st timer
  2. Around da house
  3. Gi UPM
  4. Da small and intelligent Asyraf Wildan
  5. Night Shot
  6. Evening in Kuala Kedah
  7. What’s up at Taman Tasik Darul Aman?
  8. Hey, i’m in Putrajaya! (Mat jakun di Putrajaya)
  9. Cari hadiah kat Mid..
  10. Percaya la ni 1st time aku..
  11. Tobeng & Balqis weding
  12. Smile you’re on candid camera!
  13. Flowers..
  14. Malaysian Kedah CubPrix

Alor Setar Outing [20 Febuari 2010] – 1st timer


Dah sekian lama aku outing ke sana sini…baru sibuk nak update blog kan hehe..

Masalahnye banyak sangat gambar, banyak sangat tempat yang aku pergi tak sempat nak upkan semua😉 yela kan aku kurengg sket bab blog2 ni..Neway, aku cuba..

20 feb. Lepas baru beli D90 aku terus tak lengah lagi mengoutingkan diri ke pekan tempat aku lahir, Alor Setar. Sepanjang outing kali ni, inilah shot beginner yang aku tangkap. Masih mentah tak tau nak tangkap something unique, cuma landscape secara keseluruhan apa yang aku nampak..(macam sekarang dah terer)

Ni map journey aku.

siap ada extra effort lagi aku ltak tanda ABC lagi haha.. Credits to Google map..aku pinjam map korang ye..

Drive keta ke Star Parade, parking kat area-area situ lalu jalan..

  • [Point A-B : Menara Telekom          Distance : 800m]

Selepas berjalan sket samapai la aku kat Menara Telekom…menara yang ke 13-tertinggi di dunia…(eh betui ka?).. ni antara beberapa shot yang aku amik.

puncak menara dengan langit biru

fountain biasa je..saja nak ambik water effect

another shot of telekom tower

beneath the flagpole


  • [Point B-C : Masjid Zahir          Distance : 400m]

lepas amik gambo kat menara telekom ni dia next location aku. Masjid zahir, balai seni, balai nobat…

zahir mosque

zahir mosque

chewah konon wide sangat la lens aku kan..padahal crop je :p

pintu gerang ape tah...dekat dgn balai nobat

emmm..no comment

kedah flag

aku suke gambar ni…padahal gambar bendera je hehe

balai seni..ada ala2 akademi pape lak ehe

  • [Point C-D : China Town          Distance : 400m]

kat china town tak brape banyak gamba amik sebab masetu mata aku mentah lagi nak tengok apa2 yang menarik untuk diambil

china town

gerbang muhibbah

aku suka tema gerbang muhibah ni tak tau nape :p

[Point D-E : Sungai Kedah dekat Rumah Paksu Aku          Distance : 700m]

kisahnye kat sungai kedah ni aku tak le ambik gambor pape yang menarik pun cuma saja nak lalu jalan datuk mohd samad dekat rumah paksu aku…nak jadi cita lalu je jalan tu terserempak dengan paksu aku tengah minum kat gerai. Lalu dia mengajak anak saudaranya ini duduk minum bersama-samanya.

sungai kedah

[Point E-F : Pejabat Pos Lama, Hotel Lama          Distance : 500m]

Lepas minum jalan lagi, ni gambar bangunan kuno antik yang ada kat as ni.

pejabat pos yang sungguh lama di alor setar ni

hotel yang sudah lama..emm beroperasi lagi ke?

Hotel lim kung, aku rasa dah tak beroperasi dah…cam style je..sori ar tuan punye hotel ni. ;p

[Point F-G : Pekan Rabu  ke Stesen KTM sampai City Plaza, Balik pi point A Distance : 2.5km]

Malas nak tulis panjang2 lagi ni pun dah berjam2 ngadap..Ergh, orang lain wat blog kejap je aku sampai berjam2

mase lepak dan borak😉

aku suka gambar ni tapi composition dia perlu diperbaiki lagi..

kedai2 di pekan rabu

Pergh..menyampah orang baca panjang lebar.. aku pendekkan..

  • Jumlah aku jalan = 5.3km
  • Biase la tu amatur lagi..
  • Penat..nanti aku kua shoot as skali lagi

Banyak gile gambar aku amik tapi tak terproses untuk dikeluarkan..huaaa..to keep in track, aku wat list siap2

  1. Alor Setar Outing [20 Febuari 2010] – 1st timer
  2. Around da house
  3. Gi UPM
  4. Da small and intelligent Asyraf Wildan
  5. Night Shot
  6. Evening in Kuala Kedah
  7. What’s up at Taman Tasik Darul Aman?
  8. Hey, i’m in Putrajaya! (Mat jakun di Putrajaya)
  9. Cari hadiah kat Mid..
  10. Percaya la ni 1st time aku..
  11. Tobeng & Balqis weding
  12. Smile you’re on candid camera!
  13. Flowers..
  14. Malaysian Kedah CubPrix

Wah seyhhhh… Banyak gile😦



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